Is That A Snake In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

One of the best parts of having my boutique in a tourist destination is hearing travelers' stories from their Costa Rica vacation. 

Arenal is a really popular destination that 8 out of 10 people that come through my shop have either already been to or are heading to at some point in their vacation.  It's up in the mountains, lush, green, undeveloped and has an active volcano and a gorgeous lake.  There are lots of mineral rich natural hot springs with water heated by the underground lava.  Several of resorts build themselves into the jungle pools with paths to walk through from pool to pool.  You really are one with nature.  One resort even has a swim up bar centered in a pool for those who want to sip cocktails while soaking. 

The day that I arrived in Costa Rica to move here, I had the worst flu of my life.  What a "fun" flight experience that was.  From the airport, an avid Costa Rica traveler friend of mine picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to Arenal.  He was my own personal Indiana Jones who seemed to know every off the beaten path, unexplored place in Costa Rica and took me to some truly natural pools a short hike into the jungle.  Surrounded by hanging vines, lush jungle trees and hot flowing mineral water, I soaked in the sounds of the moving water and life around me.  After a little over an hour in the spring, I emerged a completely well person.  My flu was gone.  I am now a strong believer in their healing qualities. 

So when a recently passing family told me of their experience in the commercialized springs, I had nightmares of the "what could have been" of my own soaking experience.  While visiting one of the better known springs in Arenal, apparently a large boa snake was found inside one of the pools by a client!!  They quickly evacuated the entire area and roped it off with yellow police tape. 

What an incredible vacation story this person had, huh?  Interestingly, as amazing as this story is - it wasn't on the news.  I'm sure the PR person for this resort was busy keeping everything very hush, hush.  I think even the most adventurous traveler draws the line a being strangled by a boa at the hot springs!

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