Watermelons And A Piggy

Since I live in a small, but bustling little town, sometimes it's easy to forget that I actually live in the country.  Just a short drive way there are farms, roaming cows and people riding their horses down the road along side cars.

About 2 hours outside of town, there's a farming community where the primary crops are watermelon and yellow melons (which are a lot like a honey dew).  It's a beautiful area to drive through, especially if the rain has started and revived all the vegetation after many long, dry months.  There is about 3 miles of road, lined with farm after farm, surrounded by crops of bright yellow and green melons beneath deep foliage.  Tucked away from the road there are cute, little country farm houses with laundry fluttering on the line and old farmers sitting on the porch in a rocking chair. 

Being the melon lover that I am (well, really I don't discriminate when it comes to fresh fruits or veggies!), we stopped at one of the roadside stands to buy a few melons ripe off the vine.  Can you believe that 5 melons cost only $2.  Yes please!!!

We pulled to the side of the road and began chatting with a vendor, and out of no where, this small pink piggy snuck up behind the heap of melons, started grunting and hungrily gobbling the melons.  

Mmmmm, yellow or green, yellow or green??
The guy turned around, flailed his arms and yelled at the pig, shushing the squealing fuzzy pest away. He turned back around towards us, resumed his chatting and before you knew it, the piggy had circled around and launched an attack on another pile of melons.  

The man repeated his defense tactics and charged the piggy, who once again ran off squealing, lickety split!!  The man rolled his eyes, let out a long, slow tired sigh and told us that every day, all day, that's what he does. Keeps the pigs away.  Poor guy. 

As we drove away, I saw the piggy making his next round through the melons. What a way to spend the day.

Oink! Oink!  Catch me if you can!!!