More Leather!!

As you may know from my previous post, I'm obsessed with leather.  I still buy most of my supply on-line, but in a dream world, I'd find local suppliers so that I could touch, see (and smell!) the leather before purchasing it.  Considering I live in the middle of the country where it's difficult to find many of the basics required for everyday life, you can imagine what a treasure hunt finding leather shops is.

My super duper talented friend Lydia (who also has a shop in town) makes the cutest leather feather earrings so I asked her where she gets her leather.  Come to find out - she stumbled across a little shop in Liberia (about 45 minutes from me) where they repair shoes, belts and saddles.  So the hubby and I set off to try to find the place to see if they might have something I can use.

After a few left and right turns, and then a U-turn or two, we located the little workshop tucked away on the backside of town.  As we stepped through the doorway into the dark, cluttered space - it was clear that time had stood still there for many, many years (especially in the organization department!).

Translation:  Leather Workshop - The Star - The Morales Brothers

Inside were three men in their late 50's to mid 60's hustling around mounds and mounds of leather, misplaced shoes, belts with missing buckles, tools and God only knows what else!

From what I was able to see, all of their equipment was antique - much like these sewing machines.

 In the back, a shirtless man hovered over one of the sewing machines, working on a piece of leather.

I inquired if they had scrap leather for sale.  One of the men came over, looking a little confused so I clarified that I make jewelry and was looking for thin leather.  The man said he thought he had some and proceeded to dig.  He dug a little here and a little there and slowly came up with bits and pieces of amazing brown, navy blue and black leather.  Jackpot!!!  The price was fantastic, the quality couldn't be better and only 45 minutes from home!

He said he gets different leathers from time to time and could probably find me some of the brighter colors I'm interested in, so I asked for a business card.  This was it.....

I love it!!