Let It Rain

Coming from Southern California, I've never experienced any real weather.  And when a storm did hit it was without a doubt, more annoying than pleasurable.  A few hours of rain creates more traffic - because everyone knows that slick roads mean you either need to drive TOO slow or TOO fast.  And of course for all those accidents caused by the speed or lack thereof, you get automatic permission to stop your car in the middle of the freeway and gawk at all the metal carnage, thus further slowing the mounting lanes of cars behind you.

And don't even get me get started about the news coverage.  A bit of rain ensures that the first 45 minutes of the 1 hour local newscast will undoubtedly be titled "STORMWATCH" and be comprised of newscasters interviewing idiots on the street about how the "storm" has impacted their lives.


Having lived in the tropics and now entering into my 4th rainy season, I can actually comprehend what the word "storm" actually means.  Brilliant electrical storms accompanied by deafening thunder so intense that it mimicks an 7.0 earthquake.  Rain that really does come down in sheets.

You can't call them raindrops because the word drop implies there is some space between them.  No so here.

But the rain here is different.  Rather than getting everyone all uptight, it seems to bring with it a soothing, calming vibe.
The good news is, it rarely gets cold, it's just wet.  You still run around in shorts and flip flops, or if you're a stylish girl like myself, funky rubber boots!  :)