Interesting Plant

I found this interesting seed on the beach a week or so ago (left photo) and realized it was a work in progress.  The next two photos show the progression of this seed as it turns from seed, to a kidney looking thing into a plant.  Just thought it was interesting and quite beautiful.


The Ocean Cures All

 Life at the beach definitely has a vibe all it's own.


Look Book Beach Photo Shoot

After shooting the pix for my last look book I decided I really wanted to do some photos on the beach because .... hellloooo .... I do live in one of the most beautiful places ever!  Once again, I hit up Hollie and Emily to lend their lovely selves to me.  I went into production mode -- wanting to do the pix with the etched stuff I've been focusing on lately.  After a little over a month, photo day rolled around.  

It's been a really dry "rainy season" here -- but about 2 weeks ago, Mother Nature decided to finally start being a bit normal and bless us with Costa Rica's tropical afternoon storms -- which should have started in May.  Hey, better late than never!  This means gorgeous, hot, sunny days up until about 2 p.m. when dark, rumbling clouds roar through dumping major amounts of water and shaking the ground with thunder.  

So of course as we started to get ready, one of these huge storms appeared on the horizon.  It looked like midnight moving in and I started to seriously doubt if a sunset session was going to be possible.  That would have sucked because my southern belle Hollie was scheduled to leave the next day and not be able to return until after the New Year.  Blah.  

The sky opened up and the ground shook -- setting off car alarms. 
With fingers crossed, we continued prepping....
But then the storm passed almost as quickly as it appeared and we ended up with great weather and a soft, moody sunset.  

Even though we only had about an hour and a half of light left after the storm passed, we got some really great shots!

I love hanging out with these girls.  They're crazy in the best way and they never fail to make me laugh. 

So lucky to have such lovely friends to rock my stuff!!