Kids Jewelry Class

There is a non-profit organization here named CEPIA that does all sorts of community projects.  I had been thinking about doing some volunteer work for them so it was an ideal opportunity when a friend of mine Janet (who volunteers for CEPIA) asked if I'd be interested in doing some jewelry making with the CEPIA kids during their summer camp program.  

I had just done a huge clean up of the tons and tons of beads and jewelry making supplies that I was never going to use (lots of stuff I bought when I first started making jewelry) and was trying to decide what to do with it all.  This camp idea seemed like an ideal place to put those supplies so I packed it all up and went to CEPIA for the day. 

As I started unloading all the supplies onto the tables, the kids crammed around the table trying to grab this bead or that as "theirs".  I had to calm them all down, assuring them there was plenty of everything for everyone.  They were so excited, which made me excited!  I finally got everyone calmed down and seated, gave some basic pointers and then let them start making their own things.

Janet helping the kids with measuring and beading.

I was really surprised at the level of interest from the boys.  I really didn't anticipate that they'd be all that into it, but they were just as interested as the girls.  They made things for their moms, and even bracelets and necklaces for themselves.

At the end of the day, I got lots of hugs and thank yous.  I haven't been back to CEPIA, but I definitely would like to go and work with the kids again.

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