Ask And You Shall Receive

It's funny how blessings can manifest themselves.

We recently moved into a new house that had been abandoned since 2008.   Unfortunately no one was keeping an eye on the place and by the time we stumbled across it, it had been vandalized and appeared that perhaps transients were using the place from time to time.

We had agreed with the landlord to restore the place in exchange for a few months of free rent.  When we first arrived to start the process of cleaning up, someone had left a number of large trash bags full of random items, old clothing, broken radios, etc. inside the house (the locks and front door were broken so entry at this point was easy).  We took the bags outside to the yard in hopes that the bags' owner would come by, realize the place was getting cleaned up and find a new stash place.

A few days later, we came back and the bags were back inside the house, along with a nearly new refrigerator.  Ironically, we had been having problems with our refridge and had been discussing how we might get ourselves a replacement.  However, with the cost of appliances here, we weren't really sure how we were going to come up with a new one, guessing we'd cross that bridge when we got there.

So, we again put the bags back outside, again, hoping the bags' owner would figure it out.  Not sure what to do about the fridge, we left it where it was.

No one ever showed up for the bags or anything else and we scored ourselves a practically brand spanking new refrigerator.

Just goes to show, you never know how your needs will be met, but if you just have faith that they will be, things are able to happen in the most unsuspecting ways :)