pastries/kitty litter

Door to door sales are a common thing here.  Vendors stream through all day selling everything from lollypops to wall mirrors.  Food prepared in someone's private home is a big thing, especially empanadas.  If this is a foreign concept to you (buying food on the street from a stranger?!?!), let me assure you, you get used to the idea quickly and learn who has tasty (i.e., safe) homemade goodies.

On this particular day, someone unfamiliar came around selling sweet empanandas.  I couldn't help snap this photo of her.  I'm all for recycling plastic products, but if you're going to be carrying around a bucket full of food for sale, it might be a good idea to remove the "FRESH STEP KITTY LITTER" label from the bucket, prior to filling it with your little oven baked goodies.  From a marketing perspective, I think it's a good idea to have as little connection between the morsels you sell and your furry little friend pooping and scratching it to a fresh scent.  That's just my opinion though.