Lots of big, strange scary critters here.  I've learned never to say things like "that spider was huge" because there is always one that will prove to you that the prior was not all that big at all. 

While doing a little random cleaning the other day I discovered this guy.  Thankfully he had already met his demise by the time we encountered each other, that is one big ol' stinger he's got there.  I thought it was a bee, you know, black/yellow and a stinger?  But apparently this a fly.  Now, that's just gross.

Funny story while taking the following photo.  I propped the guy up (with a pliers of course!) and got veeerrrry close up with the camera trying to capture him in all his glory.  Just as my camera lense got right up in his pointer, he fell over, scaring me half to death.  

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