Monkey Business

There's lots of monkeys that live and pass through the trees in my backyard every day.  The dogs go totally nutso watching them cross overhead.

Recently, one monkey decided to venture down a tree branch to sample the flowers on our blossoming papaya tree.  (Yummy!)  He suspended himself by his tail and nibbled the flowers while keeping a close eye on the dogs who were watching intently below.

After a few minutes, the monkey seemed to lose interest in the flowers and allowed himself to start bouncing and hanging like he was bungee jumping directly above a completely mesmerized Merlin.

The dangling monkey above head was just too much to take and the monkey knew it!!

He bounced himself lower and lower and lower over Merlin's head teasing and taunting him.

The other dogs got really excited, and were barking and running circles around Merlin until he just couldn't take the teasing any longer.

For being such a large dog, Merlin is able to jump amazingly high.  In fact, it's one of his favorite pastimes!

With a huge jump, Merlin lunged upward toward the monkey.  Just in time, the monkey tugged the branch with his tail and sent himself high up into the tree.

Maybe next time Merlin.  For the monkey's sake, let's hope not.

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