Lions and tigers and....baby crocs?

Crocodiles are semi-common around here.  Recently, two dogs were eaten by crocodiles (on separate occasions) in an area close by that is known to have crocodiles.  In other words, uhhhh, don't take your dog over there.  Seems obvious enough, right?  But that's another topic.

Anyhow, usually you associate crocs with water, but we were up in the hills behind town yesterday and lookie-lookie what we found!


He was a small little fellow, about 4 1/2 feet long.

But ya' know, I'm sure despite his size, it would be better that he doesn't get ahold of an arm or anything else you want to keep intact.

After the croc so politely posed for his photo shoot, the guys took him to the "area known for crocodiles" and released him.  ;)

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