Chicken Necks

A local chiropractor recently told me this story:

Years ago while traveling in Central America, her husband and her were in the back seat of a cab for a long distance trip from the airport to their destination.  The driver and his friend were sitting in front chatting back and forth in Spanish, assuming that the two Gringos in the back seat didn't speak any Spanish.

After a few hours on the road, her husband began to develop a migraine headache.  She asked him if perhaps he'd like to have a quick neck adjustment to let off some of the pressure. He laid himself across the back seat as well as he could and she quickly did a little wiggle, wiggle, snap with his neck.

The chatter in the front seat stopped.  

The cab fell silent.  

The driver's friend whispers out of the side of his mouth, "What the hell was that?!?!"  

The driver responds, "I'm not sure, but that's how I kill my chickens!!!"

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