When I worked in an office and was in front of the computer 24/7, I feel that I was a lot more tech savvy than I am these days.  I was definitely quicker to jump on the band wagon with new programs, gadgets and social media.  

I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of Facebook.  I have a page for my jewelry and shop, but I don't have a personal page at all.  I can see all the benefits of staying in touch with people and getting a bird's eye view of what they're up to, but I have gripes with FB as a company.  But, over the years what I've quickly learned is that if you're not using FB to keep up with everyone, you may as well be invisible. Since moving to Costa Rica 6+ years ago, I've lost touch with many a person.  Booo-hoo.

After some urging from a few friends, I decided to start using Instagram.  I'm happy to report, that I really like it!  I know, I know, I'm like crawling out of a cave in the dark ages!!  ((Shrugging)) -- what can I say?

It's really nudged me to document the creation process of what I make, something I haven't really done.  Until lately, I've only photographed the finished product.  It's fun for me see in photos the progression of a piece - and even more fun to share that process.

A sheet metal earring production in process.
It's inspired me to open up the doors of my studio space.
Painting the spiral background on my shop wall.
Manchita, the best shop assistant ever.
It's also been fun to give a glimpse at what life is like living here in Costa Rica.

Bull Ring at a local fiesta

Cow crossing.
Anyhow, I'm slowly catchin' up to everyone else.  Better late than never!

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