Got Gas?

Gas stations.

Add this to the ever growing list of things that I've always taken for granted.  Not even taken for granted really - just never thought about.  I've always lived someplace where there is a gas station literally on every corner.  Getting gas is something you do "on the way" to wherever it is you may be going.

Here however, I live about 10 miles away from the nearest full service gas station.*  The next closest one is about another 10 miles from that one.  Most people, including us, don't make it to the actual gas station all that often because the majority of people's driving is local in and around town errands and business.  So, we keep our cars chugging along thanks to a few locals who set up their own gas vending locals.

Meet my "local" gas station.

It's not fair to even call this a gas station, because it's an old wooden shed, filled with gallons and gallons of gasoline in someone's yard.

You pull up, honk and someone from a nearby house comes out, retrieves the requested number of gallons ($6/gallon) from the shed, and dispenses.  And that's how it works.  

By the way, the spray painting on the shed reads "We don't lend gallons, we sell them".  I think that's a good policy for a gas vendor.  Don't you?

*A lil' side note about "full service" stations, they are a bit nostalgic in that there are pump attendants who pump the gas and clean your windows.  They'd probably check your oil too if you asked.

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